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Sterling silver and leather “Island Style” bracelets…
Maui, Kauai, Oahu… Lanai coming soon! $225.00

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Sterling Silver Aloha
Fishbone pendant


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16″ chain sold separately $16.00
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Over the years on Maui I have found my best inspirations all around me   -in nature…  These expressions have found their way into all my work and below is a list of some of my more popular pieces…

Fishbone Pendants  Click the image to the left for these unique pendants!

Maui Wave: Inspired by the constant movement of the waves, the wave has become symbolic of “Everlasting.”  The triangular shape can have different meanings, including “The Trinity” (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), or also power and strength from the triangular/pyramid shape.  The ocean’s tide is one of the most powerful and relentless forms of energy on Earth.  It is constantly in motion.  Waves are symbolic of everlasting and strength.

Wave Crest: This is an open circular design representing the cresting of a wave just before it breaks…   Symbolic of “Everlasting & Strength.”

Maui Sun: This design was inspired by Maui’s seemingly endless sunny days.  This piece comes in two sizes either in all sterling silver or 14K yellow gold overlay on the sun inside of a silver bezel.  The sun is considered one of the highest regarded symbols of humanity.  The sun gives light, heat, life.  It is revered as a symbol of fertility, vitality and every other quality that gives way to life.

Sunburst: Inspired by the Maui sun, this design has a contemporary stylized sun with a mirror finish.  The sun has meaning in many cultures, including the source of life and growth.

Humanity has long recongnized the role of the sun in supporting life, and as a result many societies throughout history have paid homage to the sun by giving it prominent roles in their religions and mythologies.  The Sun sustains life, gives engergy, light and warmth.  Symbolicaly it represents truth and light.

Dove: The dove is holding an olive branch representing God’s promises.  The dove is a symbol of hope, peace, and purity.

Sunrise Over Haleakala: This design depicts the winding road up the mountain to the summit and the sun rising over the top of the crater.   This design was inspired after I spent Christmas morning 2010 watching the amazing sunrise.

Maui Pineapple: The pineapple is symbolic of “Hospitality,” dating back to the time when the whaler’s came to Hawaii and returned home with gifts of Maui’s delicious favorite fruit.

Two Souls, One Heart: This design was created for a friend of my son’s who wanted a gift to give his fiancé when he deployed to Iraq.  The two separate pieces (representing 2 souls) come together and form a heart.  They may also be worn separately one by each partner when they are apart from each other.

Military Blessing: The ribbon in the center stands for bringing home the troops, I turned it sideways so it could also represent the Christian fish.  I designed this in honor of my son Logan who was serving in Iraq.  I donate a portion of my proceeds to the Wounded Soldier Organization, dedicated to providing for the needs of wounded soldiers during their recovery.

Pele’s Tears: This piece also has two meanings. One represents the fire from the volcano which has been named Madame Pele, the volcano goddess.  In the Hawaiian religion, Pele is the goddess of fire, lightning, wind, and volcanoes.  She is a popular figure in many stories of ancient Hawaii, known as Hawaiian mythology…  The other meaning is the Trinity. God often showed himself as fire… Example: Moses and the burning bush.

Maui Beach: Sun, surf, palm trees… What more can I say!  A perfect memory of your perfect Maui Beach.

Courage:  “Courage, Hope, Love, Faith” are engraved into the bezel  on the front side and “All things are possible” on the back.  It is available in all sterling silver, or with the ribbon overlayed with rose gold.  The pink ribbon is for breast cancer.  Cancer has touched my life through loved ones as I know it has touched the lives of most people.  I donate a portion of my proceeds on this piece to “Breast Cancer Research.”

Island Wave:  Inspired by the islands and the ocean, the “Island Wave” design represents both a love of the islands and the wave also symbolizes everlasting and strength.

Island Honu:  Also inspired by the islands and the ocean, the Honu stands for long life.  To many, these intriguing sea creatures represent all that is serene and beautiful about the Islands of Hawaii.  Encounter one, and your heart is won over.  Perhaps it’s their supremely gentle nature, or the look of knowing and wisdom we see in their eyes, we find ourselves strangely drawn to this king of ancients.

Throughout the ages humans have bestowed turtles with special meaning.  Turtles have existed on earth longer than any other vertebrate animal.   The turtle’s whole life is that of steadfastbness, effort and patience.  It lives a slow and steady life and they have very few predators, which in turn give it a long lifespan.  Symbolically the turtle stands for longevity and wisdom.

Road to Hana:  53 bridges and approximately 35 miles of winding road, the drive to Hana is something that should be on every ones list of things to do on Maui.  If you took the drive the pendant will surely be a lasting memory!

Bird of Paradise: The Bird of Paradise is a large tropical herb of the family Musaceae, originally native to South Africa.   The bird of paradise flower is so-named because of a resemblance to the actual bird of Paradise.  This flower has become a popular variety to be found in tropical arrangements and in gardens adorning homes around Hawaii.  The exotic shape of the flower lends itself to an interesting jewelry design.  The flower symbolizes freedom, good perspective and faithfulness.


Sexy Pink Heliconia: Similar in texture to the Bird of Paradise, the Heliconia has a succession of waxy claw shaped “petals” that hang down from a vertical stem.  The Heliconia is also known as a fake bird of paradise.  They are tall, spiky red or pink bracts with unique arrowhead shaped petals.  “Heliconia” refers to Mount Helicon in Greece, home of the Muses, goddesses of the arts and sciences in Greek mythology.  A gift of Heliconia symbolizes inspiration, intuitions and divine guidance.

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  1. Your jewelry is beautiful, and aptly from Maui’s inspirations! I love the high-end look you have, without the high-end pricing. Very affordable and Timeless! Love my Maui Sun–dresses me up even when I am casual!

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